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Your support makes a real difference in the lives of real people. From the parents eating less so their kids can have more, to the elder having to choose between buying groceries and paying bills, your support lifts the burden of food insecurity from those struggling under its weight.

Helping feed hungry students

Through Project Bread's School Breakfast program, nearly 46,000 more children had access to school breakfast in 2019.

See how Project Bread's work impacts students throughout Massachusetts.

School Breakfast

Jay usually didn’t get a full meal until lunch. There wasn’t always enough at home for more than a snack. Now his school serves breakfast too, and he starts the day filled with the energy he needs!

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Eating breakfast in class is fun! We have to help clean up but that’s okay because I like breakfast.”

A second grade student, Athol, MA

Impact Stat Background

Your 2019 impact

$123,000 in grants

provided to schools for their breakfast programs

Michelle, a long-time resident of Athol, shares her story about the challenges she faces to afford healthy food.

I'd feel this big. I'd worked all my life. Had a wonderful job. And now all of a sudden, I gotta go to a food bank to survive.”

Mechelle, Athol, MA

FoodSource Hotline

Maria called us in distress after losing her job. We helped her apply for SNAP and find emergency food to feed her family right away. The relief in her voice at the end of the call was palpable.

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Your impact

32,000 calls

received in the first 5 months of the pandemic

A friend gave me the number. I’m struggling with bills so I called and found out I'm eligible for SNAP.”

A father in Amherst, FoodSource Hotline

Summer Eats

Healthy meals for the summer

When high school lets out for the summer, Jake relies on Summer Easts for healthy meals. He credits the program with helping him stay well-nourished and ready to learn when September comes around again.

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Project Bread Teacher Champions

Addressing Hunger in the Classroom

Teachers know better than anyone else that a hungry student simply can't learn. But one meal is just a quick fix. Instead, Project Bread works to ensure students no longer go hungry both in school and during the summer months.

I'm crying with relief because now I have a resource for my kids when school is out.”

A mother in New Bedford, MA about Summer Eats

Impact Stat Background

Your impact

2,560,271 meals

were served during summer break in 2019